Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quest for Fully Painter: A Quest of Colossal Proportions!

I'm currently working on getting lists ready for the Inter-mountain Cup (IMC) Also since I won best painted army last time, I'm hoping to get all 3 of my lists fully painted before then. The format will be 3 lists, character restrictions, use each list at least once. This makes for some difficulty as I will be flying and don't want my models jacked up, which means I need to compress and double up as many things in my lists as possible.

Going with my most comfortable list, Vindictus Tier 4 Theme Force Missionaries of War as my first list. Also, it will be fully painted as I just finished up my minimum unit of Choir of Menoth! It Gives lots of different list fits as they don't expect Protectorate to that fast, plus it has a decent scenario presence as I can use the Seneschal to sac off hits onto 2 units and Vindictus can sac range shots onto Zealots.  Here's the list:

Min Choir
Max Zealots + UA
Max Errants + UA
Max Errants + UA
Errant Seneschal

Just finished up painting the entire list!

For my second and third lists I'm not sure what to play yet. Still want to double or triple up on usage of as many models as I can to save space. That being said, I just got a Judicator and really want to use him, but to do that I need to at least have 2 lists that use him. I have several casters that I'm currently debating.

First up is the High Reclaimer, I think he can be really good in the 3 list format as he can really just tank up the middle and tear people up if they can't mitigate the clouds. This will let him get the drop on most Colossals and force people to try and out jam him for scenario. The biggest problem is, that other than bringing models back on the feat and protecting them with clouds, HR doesn't support troops or the Judicator that much, to top it off, the clouds don't block line of sight to the Judicator. I have play tested this though and just let the Judicator do his thing outside the clouds and let my opponents try and deal while I brought the rest of the army up. It did alright but didn't really seem super awesome but could potentially catch a lot of people off guard. Another plus is he's already painted! Since I'm a little at a loss as to what to bring with him I'm not sure how much I would need to get painted to get fully there.

Next up would be Feora, Protector of the Flame. The bond on the Judicator is freaking amazing! Had a few games with this idea and it worked good but I'm not sold on the list as I need Eiryss2 to get rid of upkeeps and the High Reclaimer really needs her as well. This means it's going to come down to one or the other on this 2. She's a little more than base coated but I do have quite a few things painted that would pair well with her, so I wouldn't have too much more to paint with her.

Harbinger is always a strong caster and I think she will still be a force to be reckoned with. Not sure how she will do with the Judicator as she doesn't help him at all but the amount of support that PoM can bring for jacks with units and solos is really fine as is. Big plus is that Harby can hide behind the Judicator which lets her have an additional way to get further up the field safely. I'm actually wonder about trying to cram an arc node in so she can hide behind the Judicator and shoot off some Fear of God. Just finished repainting her to match my scheme and fix her from a slight mishap during a flight, although I'm strongly thinking I need a Devout in the new SteamRoller and that will need to be done from the ground up.

Last up is Grand Scrutator Severius. He works well with everything and always strong. Just not sure how well I would do with him as I struggled every time I played him at the last IMC.  On the other hand POW 10 blast damage is pretty sweet. Plus he gives the Errants exactly what I want, an ARM buff and an accuracy buff. He is in need of a severe repaint, but the bright side is I believe that he would be the only thing needing repainting for the list.

Till the next time.


  1. The army is looking sweet as all get out man! Really cool stuff.

  2. There ya go buddy! Nice work here, one day I may have the steel kahones to actually paint all the models I play with. Haha!

    Good stuff bro.