Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Meta and some news

So a while ago I had mentioned some future posts incoming soon and have failed to follow through. I have been going through some job changes and have sadly had most of my hobby supplies packed up. I'm hoping to change that soon now that I am close to getting a house in my new hometown and hope that this little tidbit will warm you all over till I can make some real posts.

Tomorrow will be my first tournament in my new meta. A Foodmachine event to be precise. To those not in the know, this event is a Privateer Press official event where you are normally allowed to spend cans of food to get certain cheats in game. This event will tone down the normal amount of hijinks but will also let you buy cheats with cash and then donate the money to charity as well. This will also be a departure from my normal 50 pt meta and go down to 35 pt so I'm needing to come up with some new lists for this event.

I know for sure I'll be running the Harbinger of Menoth as one of my lists but am torn between several other lists. My alternates are both a tier and non-tier Vindictus list, Grand Scrutator Severius and the High Reclaimer.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Man I've let this place go... Got distracted from my progress on Ashlynn's army and worked up some stuff on a new blog my friends put together; The Geek Garage! Lots of good collaborative works going on there with lots of very talented people so please check it out! I will be posting more up on this blog and keep it going so don't fear new pictures will be coming soon!